Smoking Pals: Tinker

This is Tinker; he bites.

He is one of my many smoking pals throughout my existence and when it comes down to going out at 2 a.m. for a final drag, he does not fail to show up. Hinged alongside the corners of the garage door, he waits for me with a fine ole Heineken awaiting nearby.  Read more…


Photograph: An Onion




Orchids are ok too.



Past Art, Aldous Huxley Quote

Aldous Huxley is a man of tremendous logos. Mainly as a writer, scientist, artist, and theologian, he provides a suitable basis for the understanding of past art regarding the current state of ideological thought and prognosis.

This quote brought much insight towards the development of what is the current proposals for artists to understanding when transforming art. For example, the passage of time imbues artists with different ideas from that of his past self, thus it does not do on well to dwell in past works, but to leave those early faults and to build upon the latter to recreate new art to encompass in your newer works with the new founded knowledge acquired. Read more…

Weeks Photograph: Orchid

Note: All photographs for Week’s Photograph are taken and owned by myself.






#5 Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut

“His best book…

He dares not only to ask the ultimate question about the meaning of life

but to answer it.” – Esquire

Sirens of Titans is not your average science fiction story. Reading through Vonnegut’s novels, it seems that he has an interest in taking the mediums of science fiction and convert the realm of imagination by incorporating the ideals of black humor that any good fiction story would withhold. Read more…

Passage Of The Living

Staring out in the amplitude of my yard. I ignite a block of black plastic and draw heat into a straw of tobacco. The birds are chirping, the neighbors are chirping, the wasps, flies, and dragonflies all wisp and wander about, they are chirping as well.

As I take a whiff of my cigarette and withhold the inoculating smoke within my lungs, I see my two dogs wandering about – the big dog laying on the grass in front – the small dog scampering across the ground below. In all, everything stands still, perfect harmony imbues throughout this American dream. I release the turbid smokes out of my lungs with a simple chirp, and all the lands proceeds in motion. Read more…

Poppy-cock: Another One Of Life’s Mysteries

If you follow my blog, you would know that I hate the Poppy Flower. Aside from it’s sweet, sweet, ever so sweet, Herion, the flower remains an anomaly regarding photography. However, I noticed that the flower is very versatile, the pedals are endowed with the ability to be soft, luscious, smooth, and graceful, yet stable. 10 minutes later the plant begins to wilt, close up, the pedals dry, wrinkle, and become limp.

It seems to be a flower that drastically goes through the entropy of death very quickly after the snap of it’s stem, more so than any other plant I know. In that regard, I honor the Poppy Flower, it isn’t afraid to show itself, and when the pedals limp it sends the message of decay, death, and the ultimate thing every organism on earth has in common. I learned from the Poppy, I took in its message and conveyed it through my own means of conscience. Read more…