“Why bother talking if nobody will listen” – Huey Freeman

I used to think that way. Preaching the diabolical nature of humanity, trying to show people to wake up and understand what’s going on around them. It seems that society is quick to shut down those with ‘exotic’ ideas. I have gone through so much in my life in the past few months, it’s somewhat mindboggling the extent that I have transformed. From Quantum spirituality, to the corruption of the Government, to the clairvoyance of humanity, to the most important: the knowledge of the meaning of life.

I know if I the past me could see the realm me, he would probably think I was insane, yet still listen to what I have to say. I wish I knew this sooner, regardless I am glad it’s come and it’s been an awakening for me in respect to the Earth and Universe at large.

Also, I kind of forgot I had this blog until today. Ha.