Aldous Huxley is a man of tremendous logos. Mainly as a writer, scientist, artist, and theologian, he provides a suitable basis for the understanding of past art regarding the current state of ideological thought and prognosis.

This quote brought much insight towards the development of what is the current proposals for artists to understanding when transforming art. For example, the passage of time imbues artists with different ideas from that of his past self, thus it does not do on well to dwell in past works, but to leave those early faults and to build upon the latter to recreate new art to encompass in your newer works with the new founded knowledge acquired.

I wish to return to this in the future to allow for further logos, however here is the quote that should be a principle to any artistic and scientific mediums. For myself, I am mainly a thinker and writer.

“Art has its morality and many of the rules of this morality are the same, or at least analogous to the rules of ordinary ethics. Remorse, for example, is as undesirable in relationship to our bad art as it is in relation to our bad behavior. The badness should be hunted out, acknowledged and, if possible, avoided in the future.

To pore over the literary shortcomings of twenty years ago, to attempt to patch a faulty work into the perfection it missed at its first execution, to spend one’s middle age in trying to mend the artistic sins committed and bequeathed by that different person who was one-self in youth– all this is surely vain and futile.”

-Aldous Huxely, The Brave New World