Staring out in the amplitude of my yard. I ignite a block of black plastic and draw heat into a straw of tobacco. The birds are chirping, the neighbors are chirping, the wasps, flies, and dragonflies all wisp and wander about, they are chirping as well.

As I take a whiff of my cigarette and withhold the inoculating smoke within my lungs, I see my two dogs wandering about – the big dog laying on the grass in front – the small dog scampering across the ground below. In all, everything stands still, perfect harmony imbues throughout this American dream. I release the turbid smokes out of my lungs with a simple chirp, and all the lands proceeds in motion.

In the future, the day will come, the one that unites all living creatures of the planet. An intoxicating feeling of remorse fills shivers my body, I take another whiff of the warm smoke. I chirp the smoke out and watch it dissipate into the wind before my eyes. In slow progression the chirps begin to stop. The birds laughter echo into the air as its meet with a hallow void.  Than proceeds the silence of the neighbors, their gibberish begins to mush and turn into as the ball of words dissolves into the grates of the sewer. The bugs meet a similar fate, as their wings begin to crackle and crumble, grounding them upon the rugged terrain, which engulfs their buzzing into the edifices of terra.

I paid no mind, searching for answers that their chirps disturbed, as long as the dogs- And before me the larger dog turns around, tongue handing, nose up, smiling as the apertures of his eyes dissipate in a mist and swept  up by the prevailing northern winds. Nothing remains. At that very moment my other dog tirelessly panters in the spring heat heading towards the shades of the towering maples, and part by part vanishes into the dark veil.

Surprised and astonished, I know that not one part of them will ever be seen again. I know, that their remnants will not suffice the sparky love and joyous occasions of their innocent characters. I do know, that I too will meet the same fate, and will soon disappear.

I take another whiff of my cigarette butt, and in between the postulates of the nails of my thumb and middle finger, flick the butt as its brilliant coal of lava explodes in a fireworks of white ash as it subsides into the grass. Looking back at the now empty dream, I know my day will come, that I too will be imbued into a pile of ash and whisk away into the shadows of uncertainty that all humans wonder of.

My atoms will soon disperse into the environment, the world, and universe. To fulfill another meaning of life, to which I am a gentle passenger. Arose from idle thought, I am granted a gift in the wind as it sways down before my eyes. A flying white cotton seed moving through so gently, so passionate, it ignores my desolate dream and heads over top and off towards someone else’s dream.

I will someday be taken within it’s flight, within the seed and become part of a radiating gleam of light reflected off its glimmering coat. To fly, to float, and to land on a soft blade of grass or on the turbulent void crescents of the steaming pavement on the dreams of the universe.

Wherever and whatever it is, I know we will be free.