The crowned jewel:

The fabled Poppy Flower. The beauty of the pedals that gleam in a fiery red color, with hues of orange tint embedded within the glamouring life of the Poppy Flower. Annoying pest. It’s more annoying to take photos of it, than to make Heroin! My god.

Anyway, I chose to black and white the Poppy Flowers because the pedals have a ‘crisp’ texture that is overwhelmed by the eccentric colorations of red. I wanted to accentuate the true composure of the flower’s pedals, which involve some intricate lighting fixtures. That is not to say I really know what I am doing, but I might be?

This is the dark hole of the Poppy Flower. I lost an hour or so in that mysterious void, that dark and hallow orifice.

Regardless, I chose these to be my photos of the week. I hope you all enjoy and comment or suggest some tips when photographing flowers and/or use of lighting.

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