Today was a beautiful day, the grass was lush, people were outside enjoying barbecues as the sun was the host, gleaming out passionate rays upon my community. I was out reading a book as my two dogs were frolicking and dancing upon the calls of birds and noisily barking at assholes with loud muffled vehicles.

It was time to head back inside, and my largest dog, was collapsed on the ground with the sun behind him. I stood near him and saw our shadows collide. Shadows are interesting, they are two-dimensional representations of three-dimensional beings. Isn’t that enough to be quite fascinating?

I was fooling around with our shadows to pass the time since the smaller dog never listens to me anyway. So while, his large head was emulated by the shadow, I begin to pick his ears, offending his two-dimensional being with wit willies and eye poking. But than, some loose wire in my head sparked.

If two-dimensional beings are just shadows of three-dimensional beings, than are we shadows of fourth-dimensional beings/objects? It makes sense, no? The only thing restricting this logic is how can we, precious human beings, able to think, articulate, and touch, be shadows? To think that highly of ourselves in the Universe, I think disallows people to actually conceive that it could be a possibility.

But, aside from us beings, what about objects? Like a cube.

I found something called a hypercube, it is what a four-dimensional object’s shadow might look like: with the addition of some snappy music.

Cool, huh?

Some things to wonder about when you look at your own shadow, or give your dog’s shadow a wet willy.