This is physics from a laymen’s perspective, and devastatingly simplified for enjoyment purposes.

My question is: What is the relationship between awareness and atoms

If this question is outside your reach of understanding, I can explain. Quantum theory is simply a science that not even Quantum physicist quite understand: So if you don’t understand, it is quite ok.

Anyway, Quantum theory seeks to unmask the make ups particles and atoms, whilst trying to make sense of the Universe. Current popular theory is M-theory, which is an evolved state of string theory. It theorizes that the fundamental property of all of life is structured by teeny-weeny membranes, among other things i.e. 11 dimensions, parallel dimensions, anti-matter, and so on.

The teeny-weeny membranes are thought to look like this. In our dimension.

Why is this relevant, you ask? Well hold your organs, gosh.

Quantum theory is usually hoaxed by critics as a science of nothing, things that lie beyond the realm of the “material world”. Because in essence, there are unexplainable abnormalities that occur, which go against common sense.

Just ask a physicist about the Measurement Problem/Theory. If they whine, kick, moan, and complain, it’s because they think it’s a flunk problem that disrupts ‘real’ physics involving the physical environment. Regardless, here are some strange physical anomalies.

An example: physicists refer to as ’empty space’ or a vacuum. The idea is that there are no particles in the vacuum, thus it is empty. However, again strange, it is measured that vacuums are not in fact empty, but contain energy or what I like to call ‘explosive siblings’.

Basically, there is a particle and it’s anti particle, that suddenly appear, than come together and explode in quick succession. How? Physicists theorize that the particles take energy from the future, than have to pay it back, so they release the energy. Think of it like a zero sum bank account. In order for you to exist, you need 500 energy, so you overdraw 500 energy. In doing that you exist, however an evil twin hired by the bank also appears. He wants you to cough up the dough and your feeble guilty conscience pulls you two closer and… BOOM, energy.

Even stranger: Two scientists were in a lab wondering if the mind can affect the ‘spins’ of atoms. They used an atom that is similar to a quarter, they have an equal chance to get either 0 or 1. So they went on their way testing and discovered that when they wanted more 0’s than 1’s, they got it. The study was conclusive that when they desired a specific outcome, it influenced the results more so to be coincidental. Weird, huh?

These are some of the many studies that provide evidence of a strange quantum reality that goes against our physical sense of the world. The second example, in some bizarre way, through the use of our ‘awareness’ or consciousness we can interact with atoms.

In all, we are made up of atoms. However, the specific formation of atoms allows us to have a mind/consciousness. Is it not dismissive to also theorize that perhaps the atoms may have a conscious of their own?

We can ask in the first example, why doesn’t the first particle run away from the evil twin if it has a conscious? I find the 4th dimension to be a plausible explanation: The fourth dimension is duration, or time. If we could see in the fourth dimension, we would be able to see ourselves in all states of time, from birth to death and possibly beyond.

I remember a book detailing what 4th dimensional beings might see the humans appearance to be. Which was a long centipede. However, does the idea that we could see ‘duration’ possibly mean our life’s are already planned/destined, that we think we are changing, but it’s already planned that we are? I don’t see why not.

However, aside from the ‘answer of the universe’, I also agree with the physicists/nuerologists/philosophers who believe that everything is a collective conscience: Me and you share the same mind.

Don’t be alarmed! Hard to say that I am, I thought I was a unique little snowflake. Well in hindsight, we are all unique little snowflakes, just that we reside in the same ‘snow’ cloud. The egocentric, or monocentric ,model of thinking, which is I am me and you are different, is important to understand. Many religions try to get past that idea, especially in Hinduism and Buddhism. The term nirvana is Buddhist for “blowing out”: it’s the state of enlightenment and union with the ‘supreme being’, while moksha is Hindu for “release”. Both are similar in that they get passed the idea of egocentric thinking to attain nondual thinking. Regarding the physical world, it is understanding that two things may appear distinct, but in fact similar.

Scientists, as a matter of fact anybody, so people regard this method of thinking with incorporation of science is the key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe. Meaning my damn question!

Thanks have to be given to those who were able to ‘think’ to the level of understanding that is available. I find appraisal in people who continue to derive the unique and compelling theories that make up the universe and beyond, that we reside. Why not? Why believe the physical world is the only world that matters? Why disregard a science that is able to prove ‘strange’ occurrences with mathematical brilliance?

OUR REALITY is not purely physical

Brilliant minds in quantum physics are wondering where the answers to the universe may lie. It could possibly lie in a mathematical equation. Heck, some physicist, spiritually, believe that our reality may very well  be a mathematical equation: which makes his pursuit to discover it even stronger.

Also, I say “doodly-squat” to the people (including physicist!) who dismiss quantum reality or the importance of it. Those usually angered by quantum physics usually are because some events cannot be described:

Consciousness is free, because there is no mathematical description of the subject, only objects can be mathematically described and to the extent, that they are possibilities. And/or Schrodinger’s Cat.

Though, in the midst of na-sayers and an extremely difficult science, that does not mean we can’t conjure some juicy thoughts and answers. “I’ll be damned to say no!” So, ‘our’ question to the universe is:

What is the interaction between consciousness and atoms?

I hope someday, I could understand.