I am happy. So, so, so, so very supremely happy that I don’t realize that I am being screwed over in my country. Why the happy, you ask?

Well, while watching some George Carlin standup, he mentioned Marcel Marceau (2 March 1923 – 22 September 2007) in one of his jokes. Descending from France, he is claimed as the best mime to ever live and to be the person who brought the art of mime into the popular world.

I was interested and decided to watch some mime. So I did. And so I became happy. I just have an unconditional love for mime, it could be that it’s an art to which the mime leads you through a story or sequence, and you have to visualize it for yourself. Sometimes the mime does it so greatly, that you don’t even need to visualize. Also, all of the entertainment is controlled. There is no nonsense noise, only the noise the mime wants to play to help the audience visualize, aside from the dosage of audience clamoring. However, it’s often done with music, which people may think is a noise. But it’s not.

Marcel Marceau: “Music and silence combine strongly because music is done with silence, and silence is full of music.”

I have given up on television but, sometimes I get, “THE ITCH”. The itch, which forces me to turn on news and listen to boisterous, narcissistic, incompetent citizens/nincompoops gossip and talk about ‘entertaining’ news. News which distracts people from how much they are getting fucked over by their own country (I live in the United States), and dwell in inexplicable reasoning: Like Michelle Obama’s waistline, TERROR, or Micky Mouse’s Birthday, out of all things why fill people with this superficial, nonsensical garbage. If I want real news, I read unbiased reporting and books and let Marcel Marceau place me in invisible glass filled with entertainment!

Anyway, this is Carlos Martinez’s Shower skit. I found it to be really funny, take a view.

If you enjoyed that, than you will love Marcel Marceau

Popular Television, ugh, why?