On the final minutes of the 2011 Rapture, I stood idle in front of my garage as a neighborhood quack screams from the street. No, I’m not wondering what would become of the world, or myself entirely, I am just mystified by the grains of wood on my garage door.

It had not produced a marvelous revelation, it just increased my awareness of the compulsive nature of human control. In essence, within the structured panels, the grains of the wood are chaotic, distorted, with no linearity: similar to how nature resides, that is the beauty of it. However, in the slight conditional structure it seems our current architectural standards mold and create, for the discussion buildings, in a way that is homogenous.

In the midst of my suburban presence, birds chirp, squirrels… make squirrel sounds, and the branches of trees shake and dance in the calming penetrating winds. Though, each row of house is similar, structured equally with a dismaying ideal vibe. The city is similar. The homogeneity of concrete streets and columns of buildings lie vastly indifferent. However, in spite of the linearity, lies the grains of wood and cracks of rocks screams the chaos of nature.

Though, embedded in the door lies the chaos of nature. Similar to us. This model, simple as it may be, depicts the idea that humans see conformity as a solution to a structure. Even taking it into the case of contributing to one ideal, one theory, one method of understanding in a world where one does not exist. Whether it be the idea of government, the idea of religion,or the idea of insanity, at one point we should say: “The fuck.”

Even though this may be a rant of the exclusivity of my ideals, a thought festers. The controllable nature of humans, the linearity that pleases some diluted radical character in our minds, is quite ridiculous.

So If you would, join me. To step back, to view the garage door in all it’s being, and wonder… I did so today, until a sound of a punctured balloon shed into the air. My dog farted.

Unnecessary uniformity/unnecessary control/obsessively compulsive/human.