This is the finishing photos of my Iris Flower, who had withered due to loneliness yesterday (*tears)

However, there is something about abstract photos that I am still learning about. Especially, the idea of empty space and the use of the area outside the subject as an entity. Though, I with this batch I was more pre-occupied concerning over the lines and grooves that was achieved by gaining close ups of the subject. Ha…

The star of the show. Hopefully, I can come to learn some more lighting techniques to make the subjects contrast even further in the darkened background. Though, if any advice would help, even if you dont have a studio, you can still make a ‘makeshift’ lighting rig by using some novelties around the home.

For instance, wax paper can soften the light, and desk lamps can be used as harsh direct light, and you can always find anything to be a subject. Think of yourself as a photographic McGyver stranded in the land of no studios (scary).