1. Use the time of a total stranger in such a way that he/she did not think the time was wasted

2. Give the reader one character he or she can root for

3. Every character should want something

4. Every sentence must do one of two things, reveal character or Advance action

5. Start as close to the ending as possible

6. Be a sadist

7. Write to only one person

8. Give as much information as possible as soon as possibleI am not a writer. However, just understanding these simple strains of advice has helped me understand creative writing further than I had realized. Writing is truly an amazing art form. Like any art, you are the creator, you are able to manipulate, form, and change the idea and structure of the story so willingly and so vivaciously.

However, providing some guidelines (not restrictions) I found enhanced my writing. Specifically, # 4, 5, and 8 have been the most ‘opening’ or ‘revealing’. Only till now I have seen the story like a long stretched out snake, where there a start and end nothing special. However, it is a writers ability to mold and coil and swivel that snake, even turn it around, to make a story new and exciting as to make it interesting for the audience.

#1 and 6, seems to be the most fun to integrate. Again, the idea of the creator, I am creating a person to which an audience will follow. But, one way of making that possible, is to making this character’s life a living hell: to which every sentence should be important to advancing the story or revealing character, which sounds pretty fun. That means each sadistic action, must be important, so if I choose to have my guy get stuck in a toilet for 3 days and ironically walk out with a defiled piece of toilet paper on his feet, hey, I’ll just have to make it relevent. All these fun sadistic acts will be incorporated into an ever changing story where, in the end, I get to choose whether the character gets the bone or not.

For creative writing, I find these to be a cool set of advice, one that I or you can keep in mind in writing a story. I am awaiting the weekend to begin short stories that will include these ideas, I think it will be exciting and fun. So, if you already write or don’t at all, I urge you to sit down and write something while taking these eight molds of advice. Go off into an adventure of sadistic creative writing! Also, don’t forget to think of your story line as a long snake, move, twist, and swivel the snake and make sense of what formation feels best for your story line. Have fun!

* Don’t hold back on #6 and #2, I know I wont, ha.