Remarkably, I had no prior knowledge of what this book entailed, other than being non fiction accompanied by faint glimpses of crooked smiles from friends whom suggested: “You could learn something.” Haha, looking back now I have to say I would have smiled as well.

I remember first sitting down with the book. I read the brief prologue that happened to be on the book cover and after twenty seconds, I had basically understood the protagonist, plot, and ending.

To which, I thought would defeat my excitement. I was was wrong. The writing of Krakauer, provides true journalistic writing combined with the etiquette of an old fart: he is able to volley all perspective so marvelously and so well endowed within a deeply structured story with poetic elegance, philosophical wisdom, and a critique of society and youngsters: one would have to consider a talent either comes from years of societal study, or a great old fart editor. Nevertheless, Krakauer is a vivacious story monger.

The book is a collection of biographies of the vast adventures of radiant youth and contrived elderly, all twisting and marveling a web of understanding questions that surround the protagonist, Chris McCandless as we venture with him on his Odyssey into the wild.

In the faint glimpses of completion, I readily craved more. My jaws clenched on the books spine, as I began digesting the last conjecture of words the book had left to offer.

If you like stories of rebellious ideas and people, either succumbing to a global understanding of their metaphysical conscious, or succumbing to an ironic tragedy, this book can assure you some good company.

Good read.