Difference: A word that has continually come up during my book research and has recently caused me much turmoil. I have noticed a similarity in the dichotomy of quantum and particle physics, along with conscious neurology; there is a subtle connection that relates everyone to everything and vice versa. Including atomic make up, consciousness influence of physical reality, and ideas of metaphysical understandings with little scientific understanding; hell, it sometimes gets to the point where the outsides of our universe and the inner capsules of our own atoms do not make any sense, period. Richard Feynman, renown as one of the greatest quantum physicist since Einstein and is a two-time Nobel Peace Prize winning physicist, has coined the term: “I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics”. Whether it be the Higgs Boson, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, or even membrane sheets, there is a confusion within the scientific community. However, some constructs arise from a conscious context, forwarding our understanding of the human connection with the larger world around. Sounds spiritual, huh?

Many scholars like  Amit Goswami, Ashok K. Gangadean, and David Chalmers, believe there resides a connection between the outside world and our consciousness. Goswami believes we are a collective whole who share a consciousness;a single cohesive mind. Gangadean believes that we process reality through a personalized perspective, rather than a global perspective. Through a global conscious we may gain a deeper understanding of Reality; an enlightenment. And Chalmers who believes there are anomalies that are unanswered in the scientific community and may be seen as occurrences of conscious thought. Example: What makes our brain feel heat? Of course the heat receptors send electrical pulses of the story to the brain where neurons begin firing off, but what other explanation is there than: ‘therefore we feel it’. How does neural signals give rise to the subjective experience of heat? Chalmers answer: Consciousness.

There even has been a case study involving consciousness influencing nuclear spin ensembles or (NSE); for our example, NSE is simply used as a heads vs. tails game where there is an even chance to get a spin of 0 or 1. They found that they can influence the outcome of atomic spin by simply ‘desiring’ a specific outcome. If they desired more ones they got more ones, and vise versa. They relate their outcome to the idea that the proteins and neurons in the brain are able to ‘quantum mechanically’ relay conscious experience through a “collapse of quantum entanglement”; which is a fancy way of saying “We don’t know… It’s just because“. New studies have been arising contributing towards Pan-protopsychism thought: the idea that the universe cannot be simply reduced to a purely physical description.

Amazing, I never would have though I would stumble across something of this manner for my research… So far; I am excited! The idea where physics breaks down into metaphysical understandings rather than basic physical explanations is amazing. This can even be advanced by the idea that there lies 11 dimensions within our reality, however we can only see three (length, width, height) and feel four (duration/’time’), as the other dimensions are so compact that we would be unable to see how we would perceive them in our 3-D reality. REALITY! Even the term reality is somewhat disfigured through quantum and conscious science. I am only at the tip of my research and already I contain a spiritual, scientific, and metaphysical understanding of the world around us. And I remember one day, encapsulated by all ideas, my mind impetus towards the idea: “Different… Different… Atomically, everything on our world is no different from each other. In essence, different isn’t a word that should exist. Excluding different, from my perspective is probably the global consciousness Ashok speaks of; a basis of thought that is similar to moksha, nirvana, or cohesion with the holy spirit; religious occurrences of higher enlightenment through release. We are no different from the rocks that lie underneath the bedding of the blades of grass, no different from the rain that trickles down our skin and escapes in evanescent, or even the readers of the blogs. We are not different. So please, take with you an initiative to do some research on these topics. I find this video to be a great beginning to the sheer immersion of the gates of reality through physics. I have several videos in my cabinet, so if you would like more, please, don’t hesitate to message me. With that aside, Let’s dwell within the realm of transcendental connectivity through the realm of Science.