It has come to my attention, from a fellow group parter, that I had indeed failed the class I spent so much valiant effort going to. I suppose I would be lying if I said I went to class, however it still does not change the fact; I had failed.

It’s a strange feeling, I have always excelled in academia and now this. However, the reason I am still typing is that I believe the University system has unveiled one of it’s many flaws. I intentionally entered the semester believing I would become an Environmental Consulter and Policy Creator. So, I took Energy Auditing class; supposedly it would tie into becoming a consultant.

Though, initially I took the course very seriously… But, something overcame my decision for my future job. It was boring. No, it was really boring. Actually, I mean to say it was SOOOO BORING. It was excruciating. It was like staring at a picture, of a painting, of my blank concrete wall. It was like going to a Kid Cudi concert, or having the task to wait for air to boil… I was never so bored with crunching some irrelevant numbers from some crap company just so I can tell them how they can clean up their act — Mostly ending with them not going through it.

What a depressing life that would be. It has nothing that I, personally, could be proud of; nothing of deep societal concern, and nothing deeply interesting besides being some absurd puzzle game mapped around companies with numbers and conversions. Though, why did I fail?

In a way, it opened my eyes to an almost horrible career choice — Not to say it is a bad career, it doesn’t click with me. Instead, it has steered me into the light of Environmental Journalism and Philosophy. Where I feel unrestrained, and I am open to express my creative light. Isn’t this idea of searching for a career, the thing colleges should be encouraging and not restricting? Why am I being repressed for my gain? Why should I be succumb to this unnecessary scrutiny?

Life goes on I suppose. Though, with this ‘F’ mark on my head, I still wonder what really drives a teacher, an administrator, or university?