I remembered a dream, this is new for me. I always forget my dreams as the closest recollection would be vague colors, or often nothing at all. However, today was different as I remembered a good portion of it. Though, I always feel strange around my friends when they discuss their crazy convoluted dreams that are filled with symbolism and insanity.

Tornado In Parker

For example: Just recently a friend said she was placed in a dark mysterious room. There was nothing there, it was only her and silence. However, a bright stage light arose; radiating a portion of the floor underneath her feet with a brilliant aura. She stared — only thing she can do regarding the confused state that she’s in. So she continued to stare and when she blinked slowly, out appeared a half bitten apple suspended in front of her. She stared, but marched towards the apple, the succulent red fruit that remained within the ethereal, half bitter, half devoured, half appreciated. She picked it up, than as if a domino effect, the walls of the room began to fall. One, two, three wall, four, than the dark roof began to collapse; she closed her eyes and covered her face, and as if a ghost or superhero, the thick roof passed through. She saw the floor fall into the void underneath her, as a sudden blinding white light showered over her. She tried to gain sight, rubbing her eyes furiously, until glimpses of colors appeared and as she gained sight, she saw a great rolling plain. She looked underneath and saw she standing on a purple patches of wildflowers with a creamy blue sky within the background. Smiling, she began to twirl, spinning and spinning onto which she fell. As soon as she arose, an enormous tornado began heading towards her direction. She said she began to run, and run, and run, until she woke up from the dream in a sweat.

I mean, COME ON, sometimes I feel as if my brain isn’t functioning or something; hopefully, someone can tell me I am sane… However, when I hear these tales beyond reality, I think to myself, how come I can’t seem to remember my dreams? But, today I can contribute; sort of.

This was my dream: I was outdoors, standing within the outer edges of a forest. My sight was split, between a forested area to my left, with a muddy area existed to my right. The muddy area had no sky, it was a strong contrast of white upon the darkened muddy earth below. And I was there, just walking around the forests edge, finding mud, so I can throw a seed into it. Fun, huh?

Looked like this

Though, when I threw the seed into the ground, a circular membrane appeared. It was strange, it both appeared to be something similar to the texture of a brain, and yet appear like lichen. I sowed the membrane so it  can spread out, as to not touch the forest, but be close. I continued to fill the mud with green membrane as the white void supervised over me.

However, instead of sowing seeds towards the white mud area directly, I did so in a circular manner around the forest edges. I remember I did so specifically to lead my brother, so sometime (stressing sometime – had no sense of time) he can follow my trail. So I began sowing my seeds, they opened up from whence I threw and quickly spread from within into a green tangled blanket of plant matter. It was pretty cool. Kind of mimicked a drop of water falling into a pool, where the ripples created green. After a while, I stumbled upon a mother and son trying to break a similar membrane, except golden yellow on top a pool of water. I offered to help, and cleared it, as they weren’t able to. I did so by simply tossing some seeds into the river which had the membrane, and it melted away into a block of nothingness, just space.

They looked at me in shock, somewhat of an awe. They than continued to head towards the space inside the river and fell through. I stood for a sec, in wonder, only to continue to remove the mass from the pool of water until I awoke in a sweat.

And from there I couldn’t go back to sleep. Though, it’s either because I was thinking about it so deeply or because I began chowing down on a sandwich and some apple slices — For those interested, I it had lettuce, tomato, cucumber, banana pepper, dosed in honey mustard and topped with some chicken slices, all crammed into toasted white bread; so good.

Regardless of what I ate, the dream remains a significant reminder of my intellectual and conscious pursuits. I want to sit down and analyze my dream further, as it is one of the only dreams I know. As for the audience, I wish that you too take account your dreams, sit down, and write them out. Even those who remember dreams constantly. From when you begin describing the dream, within you, something will place the specifics within the context of your current transcendental state of mind. Dreams do inhabit another domain, as when we sleep we enter a different state of consciousness; one that lies beyond the realm of physicality. Whether it be a blur of colors, a half bitten apple, or a blanket of moss, each dream has significance and arose from within your mind; it is very much a story influenced by yourself.

Best Regards,

-The Sower