I stood outside in wonder. Amidst the gloomy clouds of grey sorrow, the dark jade trees, the swirling grass that briskly sway in calm gusts of wind. However, my attention was called towards something less visible, something minuscule. I stand as the showering of rain subtly obstructed my view. Sheltered from a porch, I just stared out; past the greens, past the blue and purple hues, to catch a glimpse of the falling pearls.

It never occurred to me how the small site of rainfall can invoke such bliss thought. What caught my attention was not at the amount of rain that fell, or how it fell, but the way it reacted with each other. I was able to catch this wonder, this tiny glimpse by ‘unfocusing’ my sight, trying to catch an isolated incident within the rainfall — And, there it is! It happened again!

The sight of two water droplets interacting, was enough to get my though salivating. Interestingly, instead of the rain drops collapsing upon other, they bounced; one continuing it’s plunge, whilst another shoots outwards, only to be deflected or absorbed by another. And this got me thinking, if water droplets were able to absorb and deflect, how much different are they to our own thoughts and perspectives.

While the rain continued to fall, I began looking at each droplet as if it had it’s own independent disposition. For example: One droplet could be an evolutionist, bouncing off a droplet of creationism; the idea that conflicting views separate, like a droplet of Mc Cain with a droplet of youth, etc. The possibilities are limitless, though, its more noticeable to see the conflicting actions, more so than the droplets that would form together. I like to think of this as a reflection of our society. We see the polarization and contrasts between an idea, more so than we hear of how the ideal comes together. An example would be the connection of Creationism and Darwinism, making a Christian Darwinist. Even in the field of Environmentalism (Which, I study); there is more focus on the contrasting views for what we should be doing for Global Climate Change, more so than the actual connection or ‘medium’ between the two.

The reasons the differences are more seen than those of connections is subjective, as it would pertain to the interests of the news media; which, reasonably, don’t consequently pertain much to how the environment interacts.

However, in essence, the droplets, or ideas, all fall down and collect into smorgasbord of puddles, rivers, lakes, oceans, in which their dispositions continue to circulate and influence their individual perspectives into the Earth we know. This is a perfect representation of the Earth, modeled as the human brain. Where we have mixed dispositions of all sorts criteria that models the cognitive and perceptive thoughts that we hold within our head. It is up to the Earth, or us, to decide whether or not we find those values to hold true; which is consequently sporadic due to nature’s, or human consciousness, sheer randomness.

It kind of amazes me as how much nature can be seen as an individual human being. Although, it takes a metaphysical approach, the concept of understanding lies without boundaries. In it, we have a multitude of animals and plants interacting, each one thinking it’s course of life is suitable for the place they live; when in fact, another species might think otherwise. It was something new, something I enjoyed. I feel that people have been distancing themselves from the environment that surrounds us, it’s important to understand that the environment shapes who we are, similar to our own cognitive thoughts. No matter if you live in a city, pasture, slum, or beach, the idea of the human conscious is emulated by the environment stands true.

Perhaps some of you can go out and see this reaction for yourself and gain an individual perspective of water droplets and the relation to human conscious. To draw a connection between yourself and the world that surrounds you, to draw inspiration, hope, and maybe even a little bit of fun.