Title called for a self portrait. In my old hipster clothes for the rainy and murky day.

Anyway, life and death. The topic, the two things we live by, the ultimate question in humanity for each individual person. I had a really deep conversation with a friend last night (got to love slightly intoxicated conservations). It involved why we, as humans, exist on the Earth. More specifically what is our purpose, should we dwindle on individual emotional baggage, and should we be doing something larger with our lives. It was a broad question with no doubt, however it is one that requires attention!

Ok, lets go. The world has given the humans a boundary, a certain set of rules, per se. Now, you live and then you die. Thats it, nothing else. Nobody is there to hand you a flyer, or a kid puzzle, or a happy meal regarding life’s splendors and requirements. It doesn’t work like that, so we must understand what we already now, hence life and death. So, if we take a look at history, it has been all animals jobs to survive, heck they evolved for that specific reason (natural selection).

Side note, if you believe in God and that the Earth was created in 7 days, then… I can’t help you because that path requires faith and completely disregards scientific fact, even though we know the stories are fictional and were based on extreme exaggerations and claims. Also, there was more then one person claiming to be Jesus (or Son of God) at that time, so the Bible was modeled around what people want to hear.

As Yuri Gargarin (First man in space) said, “I looked and looked but I didn’t see God.”

Also, Jesus wouldn’t of been white.

Anyway, animals. They evolved in order to reproduce, survival of the fittest, and those who couldn’t reproduce died and lost the game of life. Within those boundaries is where we are evolving, because survival seems like the only thing that matters in the Universe. Nothing else. There is no human key to unlock a treasure chest full of the Universe’s splendors. There is no assignment, so the idea is to survive and help your kind. That’s the only thing we should go by and what most people try to do in their careers and/or life goals. It’s fascinating that we were given the chance to live, to even contemplate non-existing is completely impossible.

Second part of the question was in regard to Human emotion and beliefs and whether we should even bother with it. In the scope of the Universe, we as humans are not important, let alone our emotions or beliefs. However, emotional substance (relationships, break ups, friendship, loneliness) and beliefs all have a HUGE effect on the world. Let me explain.

If you take the environment aspect of our current situation, beliefs, problems, and feelings do have an impact to our survival. There are those who know the world is succumbing to climactic changes and there are those who do not believe so. In that case there is two opposites to one problem, however which one is correct? (We all know Climate Change is human induced) And those who oppose climate mitigation solutions are not serving to help our kind survive, i.e. droughts in places like Sudan, India, and China, as well as desertification in Asia. There are many problems and many who don’t believe in climate change are not helping those problems out.

You can imply the feelings concept into it as well, those who care about starving children and those who don’t. It’s kind of common sense that there will always be opposition in anything. So when you talk about survival, our emotions and beliefs have a lot to do with it. Individual’s emotions and problems could have a huge impact globally. Even miniscule things like being dumped by your ex could allow one to gain a mindset to do something extraordinary, thus a large impact in ones life that could contribute to survival.

Anyway, if there is a goal… we just don’t know about it.

So you live and you die. However, it should not seem like that. You need to live, and live a fruitful life that encompasses compassion. We are all on Earth trying to survive and make a name for ourselves in the Universe. You must try to have the best time you can and help people out. Have fun with it, you only live once according to life’s ‘rules’! That’s why we have things like friendships, love, and ecstasy. To fill in the gap between life and death and make it seem less…. bleak.