Of course this is an extreme exaggeration, or is it?

Human physical fitness has taken a huge dive over the past century. More then ever are we seeing people becoming engourged with food from the range of Mc Donalds to exotic foods of Per Se. It is quite amazing how we have bended the natural selection in terms of physical ability and able to acquire survival strictly through technology.

I mean that is good for us, right? Right?….

Hello…. Well, at least we will taste like bacon…

This one made me laugh so hard. You know if we continue to stay on our asses typing away at blogs or just eating, or even just doing work. In the course of a thousand years or so, most humans will start developing smaller legs, in terms of muscle to bone ratio and jazz. Small as it may be and not what the cartoon suggests, it could be possible. And if humans were to survive for a billion years, not likely, perhaps we will see these defects more vividly.

Of course, by that time everyone will have a Segway and honor the Segway creator as our new Jesus, if you are into that stuff. The last evolution on this cartoon kind of looks like the final boss from Half-Life one, except without legs and with the big head. So basically, it is just a blob resembling the body of a newborn. You know, extremely chubby, very ugly, looks retarded. And don’t tell me that babies are adorable when they are born! You are out of your mind, unless it is yours, but the thing is still ugly.

Only thing missing is a Segway and the food.