To begin, I am very thankful that I have the opportunity to listen and hear rich stories from friends, families, and even strangers.It really smooths out life with some sense of wisdom and rational to go by, that isn’t my own 😀

Anyway, I love listening to people. I love listening to their stories, their troubles, their triumphs, their interests, it intrigues me. Certainly this is common, but I have noticed that many of them stand very similar. It is almost like the perfect ratio. That the problems have an underlying rhythm, a pattern that is never ending, but it is drawn to people for no apparent reason.

Dating is usually the best subject for dissection because it usually involves a single pattern, if not then it does not stray far from the perfect ratio. I would say a scenario like this is most common and would fit the theme of a “perfect ratio” idea.

Guy and girl gets along, they have something together, they share something special. It may precede after that or it may end directly afterwords. That is very basic, but you get the idea.Either both parties get hurt or one of them gets hurt while the other stands resilient.In this, at least one person gets hurt, but why?

I think it is the lust to have something, the lust to attain something pleasurable and fulfilling. Yet, in the process there are many obstacles, some of which will deter you from your desires and will bring you down

Some may say “Oh well” others may say “I give up” others will still be in shock.And yet, the cycle continues. One doesn’t simply stop having a thing, because it is kind of inevitable. Of course, you could dismiss that fact if you were to either shelter yourself from society or by death. But those are drastic cases that need not be discussed

Anyway, there is a pattern. Something you want always has obstacles that send you close to your goal or make you collapse. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be desirable because they are always there. Hence attraction. It is a pattern that exists in our life forever, in anything we do that is truly considered valuable.

The golden ratio, the never ending attraction.