There is something spectacular about the sunset. The orange, brown, and yellow tint that warms up the sky. Gives you a contrast to the somewhat shivery breeze that usually proceeds. The sunset is a gift, it is a treasure, a candy for the eye.

Photographing the sunset is exciting too. You only have a couple of minutes when the sunset is perfect. The sun is engorged, somewhat gleaming a soft glow that is projected off the surrounding clouds. Not falling, nor rising, it is just above the horizon.

As a photographer, you try to make the project the scene, you try to create a unique display of the famous sunset. However, like anything. It doesn’t stay forever, so it becomes a dash to get from position to position, building to building, geometric figure to figure. It is a rush, just you, the camera, and this ticking bomb of orange warmth.

You go into a frenzy, thinking as fast as you can, running from spot to spot with the viewfinder stuck to your eye like a pupil. You snap one photo, erase, snap two more. Each one, never catching the essence of a sunset. So, you decide to take your time. Relax, sit down and enjoy the view. Then the sunset appears warmer, softer… You imagine the shots you want and dash over and take them. Not 40 shots, just three. That’s all you need.

Sunset falls, camera shuts off, the coldness envelopes your body as a haze of purple covers the sky. It’s time to go home.