D5000 – Shutter 1/30 – Aperture f4.o – ISO 560

Today happened to be a very bleak and rainy day. If anything I got exercise running through campus with my camera zipped under my hoodie, like I had some large dildo bouncing around in my pouch. However, besides that… Nothing exciting was happening. Nothing was happening in the academic buildings at this time, so I wandered off to try to get a shot of something. I stumbled upon a class that used a great amount of natural lighting and emptiness. So I created a shot.

There was another student in the classroom with me, fortunate for him his teacher was scared of water and cancelled class. Fortunate for me I had a subject, so I used him for another photograph of a similar fashion. This was probably the best shot of the day besides from my experiments with lighting in the drama department. What a weird place that is, all that rummages through there is lesbians drinking creotin and guys running around in blouses. I actually saw a guy with a blouse, I would’ve taken a photo, but I just have never seen that before, stunned…

Of course not all people in the drama department are what I described, but a lot fit the idea. Also, it is a good place to take some photos and experiment with subject portraits, the eccentricity of it all. Nevertheless I was happy with my one photograph, especially since I had to make a stand so you can get a nicer perspective. I used my 55-200 mm lens with the lens hood and stood it vertically and place some straps from my bag to create a stand that points upward. It was really quite cool and allowed for a better view. 🙂