D5000 – Shot By Me

Haha, this was such a pleasure. While looking for some photography books I stumbled upon this novel, what sore thumb! It was stuck in between a Japanese book for psychological dreams and another book involving some kind of Sigmund Frued sex bashing. To be honest, this combination of books is quite eccentric, yet exquisite.

If the title wasn’t great enough, the subtext under it reads “How Big”, haha. “No Fat Chicks – [No Matter] How Big”. This is the first time I have seen a book with standards. I couldn’t imagine being fat and reading this, the irony, the awkwardness, it’s almost like you shouldn’t even trust the book. Of course, this is just humor and nothing to take seriously, in fact the title is a bit extravagant for the claims, haha. All in good, extra large fun.