granola with millet topped with coconut yogurt by you can count on me.

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This is love, this is probably the one thing that makes me extremely happy with no guilt involved. I cannot begin to tell you the joy this treat gives me. Even with the crappy college yogurt and granola, this food always shines out from the others. Calling my name… Shawn… Come… Devour me… And so I do.

It’s a wicked treat if you come to think about it, the basic ingredients are granola and yogurt. Nothing is a secret in this dish, yet the simplicity of it does not hinder the satisfaction one gets from it. I guess it all begins with a bowl full of granola, preferably one that isn’t in chunks and relatively crunchy with a kind of honey coating. Then you add the yogurt and oh my, how many yogurts there are. You have your regular Yoplait and kiddy stuff like Go-Gurt (gross…) simply despicable to start or end your day. But then, if you can find yourself to survey the yogurt concession stands like an eagle, searching for that one delicant creamy substance that will make your mouth go insane. I am talking about Brown Cow yogurt. If you have never tried Brown Cow, you are simply missing out. If you never had it, I would start with their cream-top yogurt. Once you try that, you will never choose another yogurt, that my friend is a guarantee.  You will discover that the base formula (plain) is simply astonishing, then you may go wild with all the different flavors they have.

However, I love their plain greek yogurt . It’s the thickest, tangiest, and simply most desirable yogurt for me. What gets you is that tang, which works wonderfully when you create your granola and yogurt combo. Imagine it, having a bowl of the best ingredients for the yogurt and granola along with frozen fruit. You take a big dollop of the contradiction of a concoction and you wield something magical. In your spoon, you have a thick, creamy, tangy and almost sour yogurt that sends your mouth into a stunning delight. However, you have the honey coated granola that counteracts the sour with some bold sweet flavor that just steam-rolls your tongue. It doesn’t stop there. You then have the crunchy granola that counteracts the creaminess of the yogurt, so then you get the best of both worlds, crunchy and creamy, sour and sweet, all of it is magical…

Then there is that triple threat when you add frozen fruit. Ohh man, please purchase some fresh blueberries and freeze them, then take them out and let them sit for about a minute or two, then place them in your magical bowl. The blueberries, or whatever berries, will be another sweet and sour explosion that will add a nice flavor that doesn’t overpower the meal. Oh boy, I can ensure that this will be a delicious and nutritious meal that doesn’t leave your mouth feeling dirty… Sure of hell beats bacon and eggs any day.