D5000 with a 55mm-200mm Zoom Lens – Shutter 1/30 – Aperture f4.5 – ISO 200

Hmmm, I have been thinking a lot about going over and using Adobe Photoshop (PS) and Adobe Lightroom for my photos. Not to say I have the money (haha), but I should somewhat be interested in incorporating them into my photos. I am fairly new so I do not have an eye for those softwares and how they can improve my images. Of course there are simple things like creating a B&W photo with an image in color, your major retouches involving background image replacement, and even some dramatic lighting effects… Now come to think about it, getting PS would be very cool and somewhat portray what I want in my photographs that are not already there.

It seems that this PS is becoming a somewhat art form that is becoming it’s own branch in the photography tree. Ha, photography tree. I could see that with the Film branch trying to cover the PS branch for light and you have a budding of the Polaroid from a once dead branch. Note, I am new to photography and those are the main things that I see 😀

Anyway, it seems like PS and Lightroom and other similar software devices are becoming mainstream uses in photography. Knowing how to use them could probably earn you a job over a person who doesn’t (taking into account that the photography skills still ranks higher then any manipulation tool, however some could prove me wrong). I am foreseeing hours and hours of learning and dollars and dollars being plunged if I take this route, but it seems it would be worth it… Hopefully.