D5000 with 55-200mm Zoom lens – Shutter 1/160 – Aperture f.13 – ISO 200

This was one of many photos that I have taken of this goose on the pond near Ithaca College’s church. This was a male and he was protecting his mate, which was beside me in the nest laying. I think I caught his attention, it got to the point where he got out from the middle of the pond and wandered to me and stood on a stone, almost perched like a guardian… Waiting for me to make my move so he can quickly defend his girl. It was really cool and since I had his attention I sat down and started playing with the exposure from the harsh sunlight.

It was about 4pm in the afternoon and the sun was still high in the sky, shining brilliantly off the water and this goose’s smooth wet coat and beak. I was playing around for about 20-30 minutes then snapped this shot. It was extremly difficult regarding I had no experience shooting with harsh sunlight, but it seems everything looks extremly better in black and white under those lighting conditions. I have a few other photos of me messing around with the goose with my stunner shades.

As one could figure, he wasn’t too pleased with it as he gave me hisses and stuck his tongue out at me. It’s kind of funny, he went from a steadfast guard that could resemble the Victorian Guards of Great Britain to some crazy girl at a party. He must of had some Grey Goose, haha… ha…